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27 Things To Consider Before Developing Your Business Website!

A website is an important aspect of your business given the fact that it reflects how well your online presence synchronizes with the dynamic digital world. It reflects the intention of your business and acts as a means of easy communication between your business and the customers. But having said this, developing a website comprises a great deal of technical details that you might not be aware of but are of importance for an effective website.

Today we bring you 27 such important factors that you must consider thoroughly before going ahead with the website development procedure. This is a must read after the 28 things to consider before developing your business website. By talking to our experts at HashTag Technologies you will not only get to know if your business really needs a website but will also make you understand the various influencing factors of creating a great website and how it needs to be maintained for better results.


By picking a domain that is easy to recollect and that matches the nature of your business you only make it convenient for your customers to remember your website name. This proves to be helpful to the customers over time when they want to visit your website frequently.


Having a plan for your website in the long-term will help you choose the right website host. If you are unsure talk to the web development team and then decide.


One of the prominent choices will be the platform / tech that you want to choose for your website so that in the end it gives a smooth user experience.


Deciding on the kind of website you need by keeping the target audience in mind will fetch the right kind of website that the customer is looking and serve their purpose.


Look and feel of a website makes a lot of difference to the user experience. Getting it right depending on the kind of your business will enhance the customer’s interest and communicate your business identity rightly.


Directing the customers in the right manner will enrich their website browsing experience in totality.

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Engaging content that is informative and interesting will communicate your business values and services leading to potential business opportunities. We often hear the quote, “Content is King”. Having unique content that can hook the customers and make them read and return to your website is important to improve the ranking of your website in the search engines.


Understanding your target audience is extremely crucial. The website will be built based on the interest of the audience and what exactly they are seeking from your business. The content is typically based around these factors.


Jumbling the website with less content and too much advertisement can distract the customers and take away their focus from what is actually needed to be looked at. No customer will like to see too many advertisements that might come in between while reading an article or the website content itself.


Imagine how annoying it can get if you get too many pop-up messages while going through a website. The same rule applies to your website. Ensure that it has fewer pop-ups so that the users feel good about visiting your website.


It is essential that the website is visually appealing but it must not be overdone. Having simplistic and minimalist approaches help. However, the website must be equally professional and responsive with all the much needed features. Having creative designs that are interesting will make the user follow your website closely.


Call to action is a key feature of any website. Make sure that the buttons you display on the website are catchy enough. The users must be prompted to subscribe, download or click on the buttons. That will serve the purpose of the efficient buttons.


There are plenty of options when you select your background. You must be able to visualize your website before selecting this. You can always seek expert advice from the website developers to know how the various color combos and the background will gel along.


Images will formulate a major attraction element in the website. So pick the right kind of images that are informative and equally appealing. The pictures must communicate your services to the customers and they must also look good on the website. Pictures can make a lot of difference to the performance of your website. Co-ordinate and make your website talk to your customers with quality content and pictures.


If a customer has visited your website for the first time then it is important that they can get the information in few simple clicks. The navigation through the website must be easy and hassle-free.


The digital world is flooded with websites that follow all the above stated rules. But what differentiates your website from the rest must be unique to your website alone. This has to be thought over and the website must be curated in such a manner that your customers make the most of it without breaking a sweat.


Obsolete features and tech can shoo away your customers. Ensure that your website is updated and presentable at all times. Enhancing the features will build user experience which is key to website performance and ranking.


Being found on search engines leads to an increase business performance and hence the website must be optimized eventually leading to be organic found.


An optimized website is highly competitive that out performs on every factor such as traffic, speed, and alike. By optimizing the website it boosts the website performance and makes it speedy. By streamlining the content with front-end optimization and back-end restructuring the speed of the website will be faster.


Given the fact that there are multiple browsers it is an understood statement that the website must be able to perform well on all types of browsers.


Having a clear screen resolution has become a norm with the growing popularity of responsive web designs.


Sharing the content on social media platforms directly from the website must be made easy. It can be an integrated platform of sharing and the website must make way for this option.


Having a good font makes the reader go through the entire content without any glitches. The font must blend well with the theme and the other colors used in the website.


If your potential customers must register your website, let them know why they should leave their details with you and how they can benefit by doing the same. With the growing number of websites most of the customers hesitate to give our personal information unless there is an urge for it.


Just getting a website created is not sufficient enough. You must also be able supervise and keep a constant watch on how well the website is performing. Based on this the website can be further modified either by adding unique features or taking away unnecessary pages/buttons.


This is one of the primary expectation of a user and the business must take complete responsibility for it. The user must feel okay with leaving their information on the website. This is very important especially for e-com websites with payment facilities.


Never neglect this little segment that can equally influence your customers. Creative footers can be the right source of information for your customers.

Even though this list might appear exhaustive, there are still several such points to be kept in mind while building a website. When you partner with HashTag Technologies we carefully go through every minute detail and our experts work closely with your business idea to come up with the best in class websites and nothing in the least. Our experience of working with start-ups and established companies alike makes us apply our experience. We understand that the requirement and the expectation of every website is varied and hence we design solutions that are customized and logical. Contact our team to discuss your project in detail. We will be glad to assist and create a website that can leverage your business.

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