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Amazing Revelations from a Survey Conducted on Restaurant Technology!

If you are a restaurant owner and if you are wondering how restaurant technology will boost your business, read on to understand. The food industry has seen a sudden splurge with the ever-transforming lifestyle and technology has enabled owners and diners equally, to enhance this change. With an increased number of diners, every restaurant tries to create amazing user experiences that will help in sustaining the brand for a long time. The latest tech advancements have made it easy to enact upon these trend shifts of owners as well as visitors. A recent study of Toast (1,115 diners all across the U.S. about their opinions on technology in restaurants) shows that about 79% of diners believe that restaurant technology improves their visiting experience. The evolution in this sector has led to some excellent results. Whether it is managing orders, making online reservations or online food services, the sales results have been thriving and look promising in the coming days. Here, take a look at these interesting and important factors that will help you understand why you need to embrace technology for your restaurant on top priority.

It’s all online:

The strong existence of social media has made users check everything online and arrive at a decision. Like, if the customer wants to find a good restaurant, apart from the traditional way of asking friends, they look for restaurants on these alternate platforms. This not only includes review sites, but also Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn about new restaurants that can be tried. With the right optimisation and social media strategies, this key audience can be targeted and the traffic can be redirected to the restaurant website itself.

Online reservations:

Gone are the days when customers would line up outside the restaurant and wait for hours to dine. With the hectic schedules, customers do not prefer wasting time. The immediate solution to this problem is reserving the tables online. With almost every hotel available and listed online, customers have the freedom to choose and make a booking without any hassle.

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Ordering online:

57% of guests order from a restaurant’s website online daily, weekly, or monthly, showing that the demand for online ordering is high. 43% order “rarely” or “never”. Your business cannot neglect this glaring fact. This trend is going to be lingering around and it is best advised that your restaurant gears up to it as customers would naturally want to be buying online as it is convenient and simple. The online ordering also allows customers to see menu with high resolution images of food with various payment options. It cannot get easier than this. Conventional dining though is still popular these changing expectations must be met immediately.

Mobile ordering:

It has been concluded that with mobile ordering, 62% of diners order every day, once a week, or once a month while 38% never prefer it. It is an interesting fact to know that mobile ordering hints at highly-frequented places such as coffee shops and not fine dining restaurants though this is not the case with online ordering. Cafes which are popular for fast food items and has regular ordering / delivery facilities are commonly used by customers. This fact can be used optimally to capture the market and the trend with equal importance. Manage your restaurant or café with our customised platforms. Contact the expert team at HashTag to discuss this in detail.

Order management:

With the growing business managing the orders is no more stress with order management software. This technology is directly linked to customer details where all the information starting from ordering to despatch is communicated with the customers without fail. It not only keeps the customer aware but makes it easy for the restaurant to keep a tab on the flooding orders.

On your fingertips:

A powerful restaurant software will let you manage diverse functions such as kiosk mode, delivery, kitchen display system and alike comfortably. You are sure that you will not miss out on any important detail that is needed to run your restaurant. You also get the much needed time to focus on various functions in one go.
– Even the billing system will have several options such as bill split, avoid adding items and so on.
– From table to menu management, you can simply handle it all without breaking a sweat.
– Also not to forget about the inventory management.
– Centralised administration where you can manage your other outlets.
– Get mobile apps for reports.
– Instant alerts, customers review management and much more.


Introduction of tablets in restaurants have been very useful for line busting, table top ordering, handheld ordering, check splitting, and others.


While most of them prefer paying online, few customers are still reluctant to pay through mobile apps as they feel vulnerable about cyber hacking and security concerns. However, most of them pay through various cards and wallets. Tracking all this is easy as it can get directly accounted with an integrated tech system. Also given the growing popularity of digital receipts which is an automated response with restaurant technology, managing the overall end-to-end operations without any glitches is now a feasibility.

By now, you must know that online restaurant software is the future and the way forward is only addition of suitable features to make it even better. Let your business embrace technology and experience growth and sustainability as time moves on. With restaurant technology, you will notice that not only your hotel operations will get easier to manage thereby improving the performance but will also create excellent experiences for the diners making them visit your place again and again.

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