Empower your food business with an efficient order and delivery management platform!

With the amount of convenience of that smartphones have brought in, ordering everything online is an expected trend to which the food industry stands as no exception. Online order and delivery management makes business convenient as well as efficient. If you have a restaurant or a chain of hotels operating in a combined structure, then having your own customized order and delivery platform will work wonders for your business. Wondering how I this is possible? Here are few of the benefits that could redefine your hotel business.

 No Commission:

If you become a part of any of the third party portals, no matter what, you will have to pay them a fixed sum of commission as agreed on a recurring basis. However, if it is your own platform, you don’t have to be bothered of any such payments. This saves you a major cost once the hotels or restaurants establish themselves. Setting up your own delivery platform turns your never-ending recurring costs to a one-time fixed investment.


One of the key benefits of owning a web platform exclusively is that you can tailor-create your own branding techniques that includes your packaging, customer front-end and alike. Added Advantage is these branding techniques can be changed at regular intervals depending on customer feedback and response.

 Efficient reviews management:

The greatest task for any business to have a customer focus that deals with the feedback in an efficient manner. Food industry is highly prone to suggestions and complaints equally. Your business must be able to handle it without losing out on customers. With your own portal, this becomes an easy activity. Timely updates will give you the freedom to bring in the essential changes as and when needed. Quicker business decision making leading to productive outcomes.

 Manage delivery without dependency:

If your food business also is into home delivery, then this portal will make it simpler for you to handle the same. If you tie-up with a third party vendor then your dependency on them will increase. Also, the risk of non-timely delivery or missing the orders can be eliminated in totality. Your control on the business is more and hence the success of the business processes can be determined by you.

 Data security:

With the growing number of hacks, managing sensitive customer data such as personal information and payment related information is a top priority for any organisation. By having your own server which is secure, the chances of data being shared or manipulated is lesser.

 Easy to advertise:

With your own order and delivery platform, you can do any number of creative advertisements and promotions at will, pay 3rd parties for featured listings, banner ads, etc..,. Posting on third party listing limits your freedom. You can eliminate this hindrance in totality by owning it all.

 No recurring costs:

As much as this sounds good to hear, the fact hold equally good. By having your own online portal you don’t have to pay any kind of fees for listings, advertisements and similar charges. It is a one-time investment that will prove to be extremely beneficial once your business flourishes.

 Mobile app customization:

You can have made- to- measure mobile app customization for your business. Whether it is specific features or the look and feel aspect, you can work on it the way you foresee your business requirements and customer needs.

At Hashtag, we have the experience and the expertise to create customized online and delivery management portals that enable your business to move to the next notch and handle the scaling needs of a growing organisation. The platforms have been designed in such a manner that every user makes the most of the provided features. Whether it is the store admin or the customer himself, every user has the needed features to move forward with the process.

Some of the features of our end-products include:

Store management:

This is a much-needed feature, especially when you have different restaurants working in various locations. A centralized approach helps in maintaining uniformity across the business and is easy to have an easy access to data too.

Order management:

Right from the time an order is placed. to tracking it till it reaches the customer is an integral part of business for your hotel. It helps with various tasks such as assigning the order to the nearest store, maintaining a track of the order update, receive live notifications, messages and immediate feedback. Live tracking feature assist not only the business owners but also intimates the customer about the order status, whether it is dispatched along with the driver details.

 Feedback management:

Customer as well as store feedback helps in identifying various flaws in a quantified manner. This also allows the business to rectify the mistakes and ensure that the feedback is implemented accordingly.


This is a much needed feature as businesses often need reports for management decision purposes. Collating the data from various sources is a tedious task. But when you have an in-house portal all by yourself the same task can be achieved in few clicks.

 Business Data Management:

With a detailed list of number of orders, history, revenue, customer ratings, understanding the business growth becomes easy. This further encourages effective decision making.

 Product management:

You can manage all of your products, categories along with the prices, variants, related products, discounts, etc., from the product management module.

 Customer Ease-of-Use:

Customers with their own personal account can keep a tab on their current order and also have a list of previous orders. They can even refer the same to friends, connect with the support team if needed and get notifications for every individual order. They also have the option of making online payments, thus enjoying a well-thought user experience.

 Driver app:

This section will have exclusive features suitable for the driver. The order along with address, maps and delivery time will make the whole process of delivering easy. There is also an option for customer acknowledgement of receipt. Once the driver is dispatched the customer and the store both receive the notifications simultaneously.

Who will benefit?

If we have break down the groups the order and online delivery platform will assist, then it will be:
– Super admin
– Store admin
– Customer
– Driver
– Business
We always offer the best of our services in bundles. They not only make pure business sense but help you achieve your target in a right tone. How? We offer:
1. Mobile responsive online order website.
2. Online order and delivery management platform for admin and multiple food stores.
3. Mobile platform for application for admin (only KPI; Real-time dashboard), customers and drivers.
This end-to-end solution package will allow you to make the most of the digital market for your business. You need a website that is responsive and is customer focused. Along with this the mobile app and the online and delivery platform should take your business to the next level. Our experienced team will curate a customised website and a portal that suits the requirements and the scale of the business. We believe that every business is unique and hence needs a special focus and we at Hashtag offer nothing less than the best. Discuss your project requirements and get logical solutions from our experts. We are just a call away!

We have the experience and the expertise to create customized online and
delivery management portals