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Online Web Application for Efficient Community Management

Managing a community association can be a daunting task, especially when the number of members are too many and the resources to manage the same are less. Community associations come with a set of activities that need to be carried out on a routine basis. These activities not only breathe a life into the associations, but also make them equally enchanting.

If you are a part of such a growing community association and are looking for support, get in touch with our team at HashTag Technologies. We create responsive community web platforms that are hassle free and easy to use. If you are wondering how it will actually help, read through the benefits and features below, to understand.

Association Branding:

Community associations have various happenings which need regular content updates. Some of these can be newsletters, galleries, events and newsfeeds. Managing all this can be a humungous task for one single person. However, with a customised web application, you will be able to handle all these tasks efficiently without breaking a sweat. Going online with a platform exclusively for your community gives you the ability to organise and structure the activities to be done without missing anything out.

Membership Management:

Handling various details of the members and tracking their changes is very tough if every process is manual. Imagine the number of tasks that the community association has in this aspect -right from registration to keeping every detail of the member in accordance with the needs of the community, the list of activities is simply huge. Some of them include:
• New member registration
• Annual membership renewal
• Membership referral program
• Profile management of board members, volunteers and related ones.

We’re here to help & build online web application for community management.

Community Associations:

With community associations also becoming business portals of opportunities, having a religious database of every detail becomes apparently important. One of the key elements of tracking includes the online payments. If your community is growing, then imagine keeping a record of all such transactions. It seems practically a herculean task. To simplify this, HashTag Technologies helps in creating customised software solutions for your association. Whether you want to know the payment details, history of community hall bookings, annual membership renewals or want to know the donations you have received, you can procure all the details in a matter of few clicks. Save your time and effort. Talk to our experts and discuss your project details.

Member Services:

The community associations are becoming a great source of networking for businesses. People within a specified community recommend each other for services needed and also pass references outside the circle. For this, the association needs separate pages for various services that are available. With an online platform all these can be accordingly segregated and used as needed.

Feedback management:

Collecting suggestions and implementing the same is crucial for any community association. But ensuring that the feedback is gathered without any of the details being missed out is another point of focus for the team. Having regular feedback will help in improvising the way the association operates. Apart from the feedback, online voting is another tool which might prove very handy for the team. Having online polls is an efficient way to stay ahead and also engage the members of the association. We will have options to create suitable online polls, voting for association panel member selection and sorting of various poll related activities without any glitches.

Effective messaging platform:

This feature will include
a. Directory of members: This will include an exclusive list of all the members of the association with basic information for you to get in touch with them easily.
b. Discussion forum: This is an excellent method to communicate. Whenever the association is looking forward to create an event, it can always depend on this to seek active suggestions. Since, it is an online platform, discussions can be held at any time without being bothered about boundaries or time.
i. Dashboard
ii. Badges for active contributor
iii. Votes and points for valid answers
c. Messenger: Chat facilities for members facilitates easier communications and quick decisions.
d. Throughout the day support for members: 24/7 chat allow members to use the web platform without any issues or technical glitches.
e. Broadcast announcements through bulk mail and messages: One of the biggest challenge is to keep the members updated of the latest events, news or programs. Emails and SMS are the highly effective means of engaging and communicating the latest updates to everyone.

These are some of the key features. However, owning a community association platform empowers it by enabling the community to go digital and hence go efficient. The technical support allows it to increase the reach and handle any number of members without any chaos. If you are looking at such a platform or a web application, talk to HashTag Technologies right away!

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