Reasons why your business needs a mobile app now!

Most of us are by now used to the idea of checking out businesses online. The availability of smartphones and fast cellular networks have spoilt users with choices innumerable and with speed that is close to the blink of an eye. Interestingly, mobile applications account for 89% of mobile media time, with the other 11% spent on websites. And this trend is only the beginning for those who want to explore the endless opportunities underlying in the market. As per a recent article in Gartner, even though the demand for mobile apps is increasing, the concern is that, with an aim to achieve the expected growth, these organisations are developing low performing mobile apps. While creating high performance mobile apps, a thorough knowledge of User Experience (UX) is crucial. Gartner has recognised the three critical elements for mobile apps being: UX, Business process and Mobile app architecture.

As per Statista, the current number of apps in Google Play store is 2,200,000, in Windows Store it is 669,000 and in Apple Store it is 140bn. This is the potential of the mobile applications market and Gartner predicts that more than 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue in 2017. Mobile apps are not restricted to smartphones but are equally needed for wearables, connected devices and alike. Some of the trends for mobile application development have been identified as follows:

– Integration of Augmented Reality (AR) into utility apps
– Android Instant Apps to become a common trend
– Embedded AI within apps to become a norm
– IoT app integrations to continue unchallenged
– Application security to be the key focus than ever before


Develop mobile apps for your business?


While creating a mobile app, it is evident that the target audience must be well-known. This is in regards with understanding the Return on investment. The demographic factors and the past behavioural patterns of the customers must be well-researched and analyzed. Based on this, the exact audience must be accordingly identified and must be focused upon. This not only helps in creating an amazing user experience but also allows in creating apps with extremely well performing functions. Knowing the audience is not only great to create suitable apps but also later market them rightly.

Finally, if you’re a believer in the Pareto principle — also known as the 80/20 rule — then you already know why you should establish your target audience. It states that the majority of the output of most phenomena is the result of a relatively small amount of input. There are several ways to identify the audience. Your business can utilize surveys, focus groups, market research, or combine either of these methods to identify the same.

Did you know that Tablet devices account for the highest add-to-cart rates on e-commerce websites at 8.58%? Interestingly, the cloud development platforms are enabling to create mobile application very quickly. The biggest benefit of this is that the application can be developed quickly and since all the features are cloud based they can accessed from anywhere and anytime. These apps can be used to interlink your business functions, automate the process, create a better customer support or even track the analytics.

Having a mobile app for your business will give you company based analytics always. Whether you want to track employee performance or keep a tab on the sales reports, all the data is available to be used in no time. This fastens business decision making thus making it agile and perform better.

Being one of the top concerns of the users, mobile app developers must give complete attention to this user security. The growing cyber-attacks and hacks have made this even worse. However, at HashTag, we give complete priority to the safety and security of the apps with our own standards of testing. From securing the code to securing the device, we take utmost care and give in our best to achieve this objective of app safety.

Taking your business mobile, also implies the fact that you can offer better customer support. With all the reviews and complaints from your customers, you can moderate your business operations accordingly and build that rapport with them with ease.

And mobile apps are not restricted to big brands. It helps in bringing the smaller businesses the visibility they need and act as one of the direct marketing channels. An app can build brand recognition, improve customer engagement and maintain the loyalty of the customers. At HashTag, we completely understand and put in every factor that is needed to build a great mobile application that will help your business grow. Contact us!

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